The new format and algorithms are not working, and we have had enough. The old Instagram worked, that’s why we used it. It fueled business and allowed us to connect with friends, family, and colleagues from all over the world, regardless of nation, race, gender, or wealth. It allowed us to speak openly about things that mattered and things that didn’t. It was our choice, and we enjoyed and prospered from this freedom. 

What we want

  • Equal status for photos and reels (let us decide what we want to post and see).
  • Give us back the old algorithms. The new ones DO NOT accurately connect us to our audience.
  • Remove the suggested reels. They have made IG unusable and stopped our followers from making meaningful connections.
  • Remove the black background and text overlays. They’re ugly and confusing.

Join our campaign to make Instagram not just listen but hear our plea. Repost this post, design your own, repost someone else’s. Tell your story. Just fill Instagram with a clear message: we are not happy and we want to see change.

Please sign the petition @illumitati and use the tags below.

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