Artist Support Pledge is pleased to announce a partnership with a-n The Artists Information Company

a-n The Artists Information Company is the largest artists’ membership organisation in the UK, representing more than 21,000 artists. It works to support artists and those who work with them in many practical ways, acting on behalf of their membership and the visual arts sector to improve artists’ livelihoods.

With Artist Support Pledge celebrating its one year anniversary and a-n its 40th, both organisations are excited to begin a collaboration based on their closely aligned values in supporting artists and providing practical solutions to improving artists’ livelihoods. The partnership will bring together collective resources and expertise to evaluate the impact and support the future development of the #artistsupportpledge initiative. 

Matthew Burrows, founder and director of Artist Support Pledge said:

“This has been an extraordinary year for artists and makers globally. From modest beginnings at a time of great uncertainty and worry, and fuelled by a culture of generosity, Artist Support Pledge has grown into a global micro economy and network for artists, and created new networks and buying opportunities for all.  

It is with great pleasure I can today announce a new partnership with the nationally acclaimed membership organisation, a-n, who, over the ensuing weeks and months, will bring their expertise in nurturing artists, to help Artist support Pledge evolve and shape a new future for artists and makers. This partnership will give the movement much needed resource to formally evaluate the impact so far and explore the ways forward.”

Zarah Hussain, artist and a-n Board member said

“I am so pleased to hear of the collaboration between a-n and ASP, both organisations put artists at the centre of the work that they do. Last year during the first lockdown, the Artist Support Pledge was a real lifeboat for me in the midst of a sea of uncertainty and anxiety. Making work for the pledge gave me something meaningful to do during the crisis and by selling and purchasing artworks I have met so many new artists and collectors.”

Last May, during the first stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, a-n spoke to Chantal Powell, artist and founder of the contemporary arts programme Hogchester Arts, about how Artist Support Pledge had helped her. She said: “The biggest thing has been connections with other artists that I was previously unaware of. It’s generated this real community vibe, more so than was already there…I’ve seen collectors buying off new artists because it’s in that affordable bracket. They can have a look and test of people they haven’t bought from before.”

Narbi Price, a past prize winner in the John Moores Painting Prize and winner of the Contemporary British Painting Prize 2017, explains the importance of the project: “Artist Support Pledge’s brilliance is in its simplicity. As an artist, it’s expanded my collector base considerably, and hugely increased my own art collection. Its focus on transparency, honesty and generosity in selling and buying art has empowered artists; it has the potential to permanently change the often clandestine culture of art collecting.”

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