The new Instagram format has made it even more important to use high quality images and calls to action by your audience. Here’s the Artist Support Pledge guide to creating good post content.

Photographing artwork

Getting the best possible image of your work is the most important part of making a post using #artistsupportpledge. Clear in focus images also get a higher rating with Instagrams algorithms

Check out this guide to see where you could improve how you photograph your work. There are also TOP TIPS and recommendations for getting the best image.

If you’re just starting out then the tripod, phone adapter and reflective panels are a great place to start – you can get a tripod phone adapter for under £10.

Top Tips

  • set up the artwork and camera so that they are level and the artwork is square to the edges. Use a spirit level on the artwork and camera;
  • measure from the floor to the centre of the artwork then set your camera at the same height;
  • check that lighting is evenly spread across the artwork;
  • keep a clean wall in the studio to photograph work against.

Artwork Details

Using the format below gives buyers the information they need to know to navigate your post

Post Text


Title and date:


Size (height then width in cm and inches):

Reference number (this makes it easier to track sales):

Price (£200 max):

Please DM (message) me to purchase.

As well as your work details it helps to engage you audience by giving some insight into the work and asking questions i.e. what’s inspiring you today? (more people commenting and engaging in feedback gets you a higher ranking on IG)

A Don’t forget to include the ASP post text (below), as this generously invites new participants and informs buyers about our movement and how it works. Without this we don’t expand our range of buyers.

Post Text

ARTIST SUPPORT PLEDGE supporting artists and makers. The idea is a simple one, post images of your artwork on Instagram to sell for NO MORE (can be less) than £200 ($200, €200, A$300, C$300, ¥20000) each (not including shipping.) Anyone can then buy the work. You pledge to buy another artist’s work for £200 every time you reach £1000 ($1000, A $1500, C $1500, 100,000) in sales. ($200, A$300, C$300, ¥20,000)

So, make a pledge and share your artwork with the hashtag #artistsupportpledge. Keep up with the latest news and opportunities @artistsupportpledge and

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