In View

To spread the generosity across our network please post an IN VIEW.

Post your IN VIEW and give others the gift of support. 

IN VIEW gives your buyers and followers a chance to see what you see and gives you the opportunity to support your friends and colleagues. To take part simply select up to seven artists to post on your account.


Start with the IN VIEW red tile. Add the Artist Support Pledge text tile at the end. Don’t forget to tag their accounts and hashtag #artistsupportpledge #inview then anyone following the # can click on your IN VIEW and see what inspires you.

Why not add a little extra support and write a line or two about their work.

An IN VIEW reel is one of the best ways to help ASP work more effectively for all. Instagram’s algorithms are like those who connect, so you benefit too. 


  1. Select Reel on your create page, then tap the multiple images icon at the top and add the artists you’ve selected. Finish with the ASP text tile. You can copy and paste this from our website (link in bio)
  2. Tap on Edit Clips, then click on each image to drag the timer bar to your preferred timing (we did three seconds per image).
  3. Tap done, then Next, add the IN VIEW red tile as a cover. Available from the website.
  4. Add text about your selection and your artists’ account names.
  5. Add hashtags #artistsupportpledge #inview
  6. Share to your feed

So make an IN VIEW post once a month or every week, it’s up to you. 

Create generosity live generously @artistsupportpledge 

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