Reels are the big Instagram trend for 2022. If you want your content to be seen by more people, then you have to do reels. Reels get priority. Plan what kind of reels will work for you. Perhaps leave the full-shot images of your work for posts and use reels for background info about you, your community, and your practice. You can also turn a post into a reel to give it a second chance and enhance its reach. 

On average, we recommend 1 reel for every 4 posts. If you want to give your account a boost, you might want to alternate posts and reels. If you’re not already doing it, give it a go. 

As always with ASP, just start and get better. Having a go is part of the fun. 

Types of reel

1. Community Reels. such as an IN VIEW, exhibition, or events. Make sure that you add the community hashtag to this one, i.e. #InView

2. Inspiring Reels. Such as videos of an artwork in a gallery, book recommendations, places and sights you have seen (or want to see).

3. Insight Reels. Give your followers a little insight into what you do as an artist. This can include working processes, chats to the camera about your work and STUDIO IN VIEW posts, adding #StudioInView

4. Shout out Reels. Give a friend or colleague a lift by devoting a reel to them. This can also include exhibitions, gallery openings, and open studios. Make sure to tag the artist(s) and the venue’s accounts.

5. Work in Progress Reels #WIP. Film and photograph your artwork being made, then edit it into a reel. 

6. Old content Reel. If you have old carousel posts that you feel could do with a second chance, turn them into a reel. 

NB: The new algorithms don’t like reposting content on your feed, but it’s OK to turn them into stories and reels. 

Hot Tip

If you want your account to still look like an art gallery, then carefully select your cover image for your reel to reflect this. 

Editing Ideas

The cover image and the first few seconds of content need to grab attention. Make it count. 

Mix stills with video content.

Mix up detail and full image shots to create a viewing experience.

Create time-based narratives such as: 3 images at 2 seconds each; 1 image at 4 seconds; 3 images at 2 seconds each; or 5 second video x 3 second image; x 5 second video x 5 second image. Get more ideas by watching other content creators’ reels.

Select music that enhances the viewing experience.

Edit the timing to synchronise visual content with the music.

Add a voiceover

Add calls to action using IG’s stickers.

NB: Think about your target audience. Who do you want to see this and what do you want them to do?

A reel is usually up to 60 seconds in length. But remember, IG wants your viewer to watch it to the end, so don’t make it unnecessarily long.

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