1. Go to #artistsupportpledge to see artwork (see How To See Artwork below)

2. Click on ‘Recent’ at the top to see the most recent posts then scroll down through thousands of images

3. You can follow the # to get new posts onto your live feed

4. If you find any work you would like to buy click on the artists account, then message the artist for availability and details. 

5. Arrange payment directly with the artist. You do not need to contact ASP and we DO NOT use third parties. It’s just buyer and artist.

6. Arrange shipping directly with artist. 

It really is that simple. 

Top tip: when you find artists you like follow their account and look at their IN VIEW to see who they look at, its a quick way to move across their community.

THANK YOU for supporting our global community of artists and makers.


A lot of people message to ask where to find the artwork for sale, so here’s some pointers that might help.

1. search for #artistsupportpledge on Instagram, check you have written it correctly (NB: singular, one ‘s’ not two) and that you are looking at and following the # (see image)

2. Once you are on the # page click on ‘recent’ at the top, this will show you the most recent posts

3. scroll through and click on work to see


We must learn to see, and see generously. Even artists struggle to ‘see’. 

One of the pleasures of buying art is I learning this. We often talk of people with ‘refined taste’. Perhaps a better understanding of seeing is ‘A Generous Eye’. Like everything else, it takes practice, so here’s a few pointers to help. 

  1. Look with curiosity and awareness.
  2. Enjoy it and expect to be surprised.
  3. Be patient and look slowly. 
  4. Don’t judge things to be good or bad, just let them spark your mind and see where they take you. 
  5. Remember that art is a gift not an acquisition. We merely pay for the artist to have enough freedom to create more gifts. 
  6. An artist needs food, materials to make and the hope that what they do matters. Your support is always greater than the value paid.

Thank you buyers, for your support and generosity. We move in uncertain times, but with a generous eye, all things are possible. 

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