Know How

KNOW HOW is an opportunity for the ASP community to share their knowledge with the network. 

A KNOW HOW post can be anything that helps with the making and selling work on ASP. You may perhaps be willing to share a tip on photographing work, making prints at home or even managing your day in lockdown. What have you learnt that could help others do what they do better? Anyone can make a post, just follow the simple guidelines below:

1 Use the KNOW HOW tile as your first image on your Instagram post. (To save a tile to your photos copy the image above)

2 Follow on from the red tile with images and/or videos with your advice and know how

3 Add the ASP text tile so people know what ASP is. (see below)

4 If necessary add guidance notes.

ASP will select some to highlight on @artistsupportpledge and will make them available in Highlights for future users, so it’s a great way to promote your account at the same time. 

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